About The Commission


Integrity, excellence, and reliability are three qualities The Commission supports in Christian Science nursing facilities, training programs, and visiting Christian Science nursing services. Our aim is to enable the demonstration of these qualities in all policies, practices, and procedures by developing, promoting, and maintaining standards for these organizations.

High standards facilitate the goal of The Commission to support Christian Science nursing. The standards we publish and uphold support the member organizations and the important work of the Christian Science nurse, as outlined by Mary Baker Eddy in the Church Manual By-law, Art. VIII; Sect. 31.

On-site visits to facilities enable Reviewers to have a thorough overview of the physical structure of an organization — and to see the tangible expression of beauty, dignity, practicality, and grace, that provide a safe, comfortable environment for patients and visitors. Reviewers are able to gain an overview of the organization to determine whether regular practices are meeting the standards by reviewing documents, policies and procedures, and interviewing staff and patients.

Supporting compliance with laws and regulations is a major part of the on-site Review.  Some facilities work under several sets of regulations, including licensing in cities, states or provinces, and a country’s government regulations, (i.e., in the U.S. for Medicare, Medicaid, nursing homes, etc.; in the U.K. regulations set forth in the Care Standards Act).

A list of accredited organizations can be found on this website. Individuals wanting to find out about Christian Science nursing organizations in their area may contact us by email or phone, or download list on the “Accredited Facilities” page. A current list of accredited organizations is published monthly by The Christian Science Journal and can be accessed online at journal.christianscience.com/directory.

Meet the Commission

The Board of Directors provides oversight of the policies and procedures of The Commission, and is comprised of individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the activities of Christian Science nursing organizations. The Board of Directors are elected by the member organizations.

2018 Board of Directors:

  • Amy Harrison Fugman, Clerk, Ballwin, MO
  • Leslie Gerber, Vice President, Saint Louis, MO
  • Mary Langworthy, Los Alamos, NM
  • Kevin Massey, Treasurer, Scarsdale, NY
  • Janiva Toler, President, Chestnut Hill, MA
  • Susan Wood, Wheat Ridge, CO

Administrative Assistant to the Board:

  • Leslie Hobbs, Raleigh, NC
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