Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Medicare to help pay for Christian Science nursing care in a facility?

Yes, an individual who has enrolled in Medicare and has a Medicare card may be eligible for benefits. These benefits may be available at Christian Science Nursing facilities which have been designated as RNHCI’s (Religious Non-medical Health Care Institutions) and are certified by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). A special committee, including the Director of Christian Science Nursing, at a RNHCI will assess your need for care and ascertain whether you are eligible for Medicare benefits.

Are Christian Science nursing facilities inspected by government agencies?

Yes. In the United States, some facilities are licensed by their state. In the United Kingdom, Christian Science nursing care homes are licensed under the Care Standards Act of Britain. All facilities regularly receive inspections from Fire Marshals and individuals from Departments of Health—ensuring procedures to maintain cleanliness, safety, fire evacuation, etc., are properly in place.

In the United States, facilities that are certified by CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) receive regular inspections to audit Medicare paperwork and compliance with their standards. In the United Kingdom, facilities are regularly inspected by CQC (Care Quality Commission), an office of the British Government.

Do you have to be a member of a Christian Science church to be a patient at a Christian Science nursing facility?

Each Christian Science nursing facility determines its own admission requirements. All facilities require an individual to be relying solely on Christian Science treatment and prayer, and to be free from the use of medicine, drugs, medical techniques, and therapy.

How can I find a facility near my home?

Email The Commission at or look at the list on this website for an accredited facility nearest to you.

How can I find a Christian Science nurse?

Many Christian Science nurses advertise in the Christian Science Journal, a monthly publication available at Christian Science Reading Rooms. Check in a phone book for the Christian Science Reading Room closest to you. The Reading Room attendant can assist you to locate a Christian Science nurse in your area.