“I want to express my gratitude for the accreditation process. . .”

Le Verger

In May 2017, Audrey Sentinella spoke about the challenging — and uplifting — nature of the accreditation experience at Le Verger, the Christian Science nursing facility in Rolle, Switzerland, where she is Directrice.  She shared these comments at the Association of Organizations of Christian Science Nursing conference in Scottsdale, AZ, USA, in May 2017.

I want to express my gratitude for the accreditation process.  Our facility often feels cut off from the other Christian Science nursing facilities by the physical distance and the language differences.

In order to fully prepare the staff for the most recent accreditation review, I sat with our Deputy Director of Christian Science Nursing, who is a French speaker, and went through all the standards with her and specifically those that were within her area of expertise.  I asked her to become familiar with what was being asked and do her best to respond to the questions.  I did the same with all the staff throughout the house and encouraged them all to be familiar with what The Commission would be looking for, and to identify ways in which they are meeting the standards.  They were offered opportunities to work with English-speaking staff so that everyone understood what was required of them.

Unknown to me, over the next few weeks, the deputy Director of Christian Science Nursing and other Christian Science nurses translated the entire self-assessment into French and German and worked together to respond to the questions.  I worked with the staff and it was encouraging to see how the whole staff engaged with the process, rather than feeling that they were not involved because of the language barrier.  In identifying ways in which they were meeting the standards, they also started to realise that even though they had pretty much no contact with other facilities, they were still meeting the standards and providing appropriate Christian Science nursing care and the right sort of support.

By the time the reviewers arrived, all the staff were fully engaged and the interviews (in person and via Skype) went well, with a mixture of translation, English and, on occasion, Google Translate.

The result of the process, culminating in the interviews with the staff, and the following positive report, was that every member of staff felt validated, that they recognised that the work they undertook had larger impact than their little corner of the world, and that they were part of a bigger movement.

This process has changed the views of individual staff at Le Verger, and has helped them feel more connected to the bigger picture.

If you have feedback about your accreditation that you’d like to share with The Commission, please click here or contact the Administrative Assistant to the Board: aab@csncommission.org or 872-222-7334 (872-ACCREDIT)