Supporting the healing practice of Christian Science nursing

Supporting the healing practice
of Christian Science nursing

The purpose of The Commission is to establish, improve, promote, and maintain standards for the operation of Christian Science nursing facilities, their affiliated Christian Science nurses education programs, and visiting Christian Science nursing services.

Supporting Christian Science nursing

The Commission is a membership organization founded to provide an accrediting process for Christian Science nursing organizations that support Christian Science healing and promote excellence in meeting the requirements of the “Christian Science Nurse” By-law in the Church Manual by Mary Baker Eddy.

Accredited organizations are committed to periodic external assessments based on defined standards and methods of review, and conducted by qualified, experienced peers from member organizations.

High standards form the foundation of The Commission’s accreditation process. These standards were adopted unanimously by the founding organizations and require the consent of current members to amend. They are the basis for the organizational self-assessment and the evaluation conducted by The Commission review teams that visit organizations seeking accreditation.