Accreditation Standards

Encouraging Excellence

The Commission has developed and published copyrighted standards for Christian Science nursing facilities, their affiliated Christian Science nurses education programs, and visiting Christian Science nursing services. Standards for Christian Science nursing facilities and visiting services address policies and procedures, management practices, systems for the provision of proper Christian Science nursing care, OSHA requirements (United States only), and federal, state or provincial, and local regulations. Standards for Christian Science nurses training organizations address content, policies and procedures, and best practices.

Current version of Standards:

Previous version of Standards:


Thorough Review

Onsite inspections include review of patients’ records, management practices, policies and procedures, and interviews with patients, staff, and managers. Preliminary findings are immediately shared in an oral report to the governing board and managers at the close of the onsite review.  Findings are subsequently codified in a written report that identifies improved practices, areas of excellence, as well as deficiencies, and includes a schedule for required and recommended corrective actions as needed. Regular inspections take place every 3 years. More frequent inspections may take place as necessary, or if requested.

Are you interested in being a Reviewer? Download and complete the PDF Reviewer-Application-Form-2022 or the Word Doc Reviewer-Application-Form-2022. Send your filled out forms to

Independent Accreditation Audit Committee (IAAC)

The IAAC membership is maintained by The Commission Board and is composed of at least five members of The Mother Church with no current affiliation with an Accredited Organization. The IAAC audits the information from the Review Team and makes a recommendation to The Commission Board on the appropriate accreditation status. It is The Commission Board that makes the final accreditation decision.  Would you like to nominate a member for the IAAC?  Download and complete your application PDF IAAC-Nomination-Form and Word doc IAAC Nomination Form and send it to

The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities is seeking qualified candidates to fill the Review Coordinator position. Job description is Review Coordinator Job Description. This is a part-time positioned and reviewed annually by the Board.  If you are interested, please submit a letter of qualifications to by November 15, 2022.


Supporting self-awareness and recognition of high standards

The Commission’s ultimate goal is for each organization to be proactive in recognizing and initiating excellence in all areas, and, when necessary, identifying and addressing areas needing refinement or correction.

To assist the organization’s self-awareness and to maintain high standards, a yearly self-assessment is recommended. Conducted by managers of each department and members of the governing body, the self-assessment uses forms provided by The Commission that are based on Commission standards.  The self-assessments prepared for the onsite accreditation visit form the basis for the inspection.